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Employers say there is no one to hire, the unemployed say there are no jobs. These don’t seem to add up! Pitman Training Lagos has been set up to show you how you can become the person organisations are desperate to employ, retain or promote.

The employment market is highly competitive. “Economic growth is not the only solution to curb unemployment in Nigeria, as the official statistics illustrate that previously unemployment did not always decline with economic growth. Other solutions such as provision of right skills to the people to help them tackle the problems and lead a more prosperous life should also be given importance” National Bureau of Statistics-National Manpower Stock and Employment Generation Survey 2010 report

This is why at Pitman Training Lagos:

  • We train our students to stand out from the crowd by empowering them with relevant skills employers are looking for.
  • Our courses are flexible, tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. What’s more, our well-trained and ‘eager-to-help’ friendly staff will amaze you with their one-on-one support as you learn
  • Our students are more confident by the end of their programme with us, because they don’t just walk away with a certificate from a recognised UK Superbrand; they actually have the skills their certificate says they have.
  • The training centre is well situated in a very accessible location (either by public/private transport). In addition, the centre is comfortable and condusive for learning.

To arrange for a visit or for a demo course, please call 01 453 8688 or 0816-793-5151. You could also send an email to lagos@pitman-training.net and we’ll arrange your visit.