Pitman Training


Introduction to your seminar range

Pitman Training Lagos seminars are delivered in our state-of-the-art facility with uninterruptible power supply and ample parking spaces. The premises houses two seminar rooms that enables the Centre to run tutor-led seminars, for small groups of 10-15 students or larger groups of 30-35 students.

Our range of seminars is led by highly experienced expert tutors and they come with well-detailed workbook. These workbooks are not lined with outdated theoretical rules; they present practical classroom exercises and examples to help the student gain/improve on his/her job skills.

We recommend seminars to those who need to gain internationally recognized skills fast, or companies seeking to train their workforce within a short period.

Telephone Techniques
The Executive PA Seminar
Presentation Skills Seminar
The Professional Receptionist Seminar
Customer Care Seminar