Pitman Training

Customer Care Seminar

Customer care professionals are key to the growth of any business and their place as image makers cannot be overemphasised. Statements like, “If you are happy with us tell others, if you’re not, tell us” would not really carry weight with an unhappy customer who has access to the internet and is probably on at least 2 social media platforms. Something as simple as a change of status on a networking site if not handled well, has the capacity of dropping the organisation’s sales significantly.

At the end of our customer care seminar, the student will be better positioned to handle initial contact with clients (over the telephone or actual visits to the office), help them with choice of product/services, deal with difficult customers and to handle customer complaints better.

One of the things that stand Pitman Training’s customer care seminar out is the use of practical examples that the student can relate with on his/her current job to get a point across.

The training is ideal not just for those who already have a place in the customer care profession but also for those intending to build a career there.

Customer Care Seminar