Pitman Training

Microsoft Project Course

Microsoft Project is a project management software program developed and sold by Microsoft. Students taking this course will be taught how to create project plans, adjust resources, track progress and generate reports in a hands-on learning environment.

Benefits of studying Microsoft Project:

  • The most popular project management program in the world
  • Suitable for both Project Management and Project Portfolio Management
  • Quickly identify which tasks are most critical to project success
  • Easily share project details with team members using Office 365 or SharePoint
  • Use templates for improved planning and management of projects
  • Use premade or custom reports to communicate effectively with management and shareholders


Training in Microsoft Project can help you in managerial roles such as Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and Construction Manager. Project Planners, Project Engineers and Civil Engineers may also use Microsoft Project as part of their job, and could benefit from the training.

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