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Social Media for Business Diploma

Our Social Media for Business Diploma is tailored to suit those looking to advance their career in marketing, event management or Executive PA. As a professional in any of these fields, you need to be social media savvy, to stand out in today’s demanding business world. The same goes if you’re a small business owner.

When considering to use social media to market your product or services, building loyalty or providing customer service advice, you need to understand the full spectrum of tools available before deciding which to use.

With our Social Media for Business Diploma under your belt you’ll be able to create a strategy that’s highly tuned to your specific objectives.

The diploma can be completed within 4 weeks on full time study basis, or 109 hours through flexible study to fit around your own work and personal commitments.

Just give us a call on 08101372979 or email us at port-harcourt@pitman-training.net to find out how you can get started.