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The Guardian Newspaper, quoting a World Bank Sponsored study once reported that, “the poor performance of Nigerian graduates is particularly evident in two areas; poor mastery of the English Language and lack of requisite technical skill” Shortcomings were particularly observed in oral and written communication, and applied technical skills.

This Pitman English course aims to help students improve their English skills in 4 key areas; Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening.

Your proficiency level will be determined at the beginning of the course and your training would be customized based on this evaluation. Once your course material is built, you will enter into an amazing world of learning, using different activities, exercises and games. The pre-study evaluation ensures that your areas of weakness will be concentrated on and you will indeed get good return on your investment.

Be it travel, sports, technology, social media, news etc. you’ll be given the opportunity to choose any 3 areas of interest and relevance around which your course will be built. The course content is constantly updated so you can be sure they’re relevant. As you learn, you’ll be building up your Word Bank and a Grammar guide; both of which we recommend you review and study each week. Don’t imagine any boring moments because there’ll be none on this course!

The tutoring sessions which you can take part in with other students from across the globe will certainly serve as a valuable resource in your training.

What’s more, you can study on the go with the Pitman English App. downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet and study whenever, wherever.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advance learner, the combination of your customised study units, practice lessons, tutorial sessions and continuous assessments will all work together to improve your English language skills and eventually build your confidence.

At the end of your training, you will receive a prestigious Pitman Training Certificate.

This course can successfully prepare you to pass the IELTS exam and gain the IELTS qualification.